Getting Your Tree Home

We can tag purchased trees and hold them until the best date for pickup.

  • We recommend a truck WITHOUT a camper shell. We do request that you call us 24 hours ahead of time for large or heavy trees so we can have your plants waiting in the parking lot for easy loading. With prior notification, we can load your trees for you.  Trees are typically transported laying down and braced or tied to prevent rolling and damage. 
  • If you have an SUV, car, or truck with camper shell and need help loading a #15 sized tree or larger, it is advisable to schedule pick up on a day when when have sufficient help to load trees and plants. Loading heavy plants or tall trees into these vehicles is awkward and demands knowledge, skill, and physical strength in order to pick up the tree and manuever it into the limited opening in SUVs, cars, and trucks with camper shells without injury to staff or the tree. 
  • A delivery service is also available for a fee.